Our Story

Welcome to the Epic Squad. The Epic Elephants are a collection Free to Mint made by BARTEU Artist of 4,000 randomly generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain that helps to save endangered species. Epic Elephants represent the premier level of membership in the Epic Squad, unlocking access to exclusive content, different privileges and benefits. 20% of revenue from royalties donated to animal foundations selected and voted by community members.

Epic and unique NFTs

4k Epic Elephants

4k Epic Elephants has not come to the NFT ecosystem just to consume the Ethereum gas; we are passionate about building a formidable community of people focused on helping animal charities all over the world.

unique nfts

4k Epic Elephants are remarkable works of art patiently designed, with each having special traits and features unique to them. Their varying strength and valiant build-up are what stand them out in the community.

We proudly support:

Help animals from danger

Epic Elephants is an NFT that caters to the wellbeing of the environment. With animals worldwide continuously facing ill-treatment and neglect, Epic Elephants is happy to be sharing their profits to support animal care and protection efforts. 20% of the revenue from secondary sales royalties will be donated to animal charities to support the care and rescue of animals from danger. The community members will vote to determine the particular charity that will get the funds.

Epic VAult

ETH Donated

Every first day of the month, we will donate to a different animal foundation selected by community members.
Check out our Discord to find out more about the foundations and vote your favourite! Every donation is transparent, and you can check and verify all the transactions through the blockchain.

Collect: There are many ways to get Cards. Currently, you can get them by attending events and participating in the Discord. The more you participate and engage, the more Cards you will earn.
Trade: trade with friends, gift them, buy or sell them, get creative! Or maybe someone would like to buy your Cards, or maybe you would like to trade it for another one? It’s all up to you!
Earn: build sets of colors, shapes, or words & exchange for NFT prizes! Once you have enough Cards, you can send them to the vault and get in exchange some valuable NFT!

Rarities NFTs

Each Epic Elephant is unique , but some are even more special than the rest.

More than 140 Traits from Snapback to Laser, From Gold Skin to Cyborg all EPIC ELEPHANTS attributes have a different rarity score. The combination of features each Elephant has builds its’ total rarity score and overall rarity tier.

epic metaverse

You can join our Spatial Room anytime you want!
Discover this amazing place metaverse space with Art, showcase, and all the informations about Epic Elephants Squad NFT!
Hang out in the SPATIAL Epic Club!

Epic Events

Every day of the week we do different activities for our Epic members. Owning an epic elephants will give you access to tons of free activities and workshops. You will get access to Meditation, graphic design, NFT art, Music, Cooking and more! Join the discord to partecipate to the classes!

Epic in singapore

26 July – 2 August 2022 
The Epic Elephants Squad NFT collection showcased in the outstanding NFTGallery and Bar in Singapore “The Parlour Singapore”.

Charity Art auction

19 May – 16 June 2022 
The first IRL Exhibition and Art Charity Auction!
We are proud to announce a special-edition collection of NFTs to support the endangered elephant population.
This unique set consists of twelve Epic Elephant NFTs, each unique (1-of-1) specially created in celebration of the 2022 French Open.
The collection is sold out! We raised and donate the 100% of proceeds (1260$) to wildlife foundations. 

Self Love Tuesday

Every week our Epic member @Holygrailking will host this Epic event. Owning an Epic Elephants NFT give you access to this amazing meditation and mindfulness weekly session. powered by Starseeds Changing the world.

Epic Music

Every Sunday our Epic member @Purpbeatz will host the Epic Music Twitter Space. All are Welcome! Amazing and talented music artists,rappers,singers and beatmakers in this Music live session and Showcase. powered by Purpbeatz


the Team


Artist & Founder


Community Manager


Epic Ranger


Discord Wizard


Epic Coach


Epic Ambassador


Epic Ambassador


Epic Ambassador

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The collection is Sold Out! You can buy a Epic Elephants NFT on the secondary market on Opensea.io

The Launch started on March 21, 2022

Each NFT will be FREE to MINT

Yes, all EPIC ELEPHANTS attributes have a different rarity score. The combination of attributes and proprieties each Elephant has builds its’ total rarity score and overall rarity tier.

Our discord community members get to decide which animal charity we are donating to. You can find all the animal foundations and vote your favorite on Discord 

Epic Elephants Squad was created by a team of Artists and NFT collectors who’ve been contributing to the NFT community since the beginning.

The Goal is helping animal charities and providing long term value for our community members to build the most Epic community in the game.