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The Epic Elephants are a collection of Hand-Drawned randomly generated NFTs, made by Barteu artist, on the Ethereum blockchain that helps to save endangered species.
To become a member of the Epic Squad, buy a Epic Elephants or Baby Elephants on OpenSea. The Epic Elephants represent the premier level of membership in the Epic Squad, unlocking access to exclusive content, different privileges and benefits.

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Epic Elephants is an NFT that caters to the wellbeing of the environment. With animals worldwide continuously facing ill-treatment and neglect, Epic Elephants is happy to be sharing their profits to support animal care and protection efforts. 20% of the revenue from secondary sales royalties will be donated to animal charities to support the care and rescue of animals from danger. The community members will vote to determine the particular charity that will get the funds.


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Each Epic Elephant is unique , but some are even more special than the rest.

More than 140 Traits from Snapback to Laser, From Gold Skin to Cyborg all EPIC ELEPHANTS attributes have a different rarity score. The combination of features each Elephant has builds its’ total rarity score and overall rarity tier.


You can Claim for free a Baby Elephants breeding 2 Epic Elephants NFTs . You can claim for FREE your Baby Elephants and instantly become a proud Epic Family holder.

Our art exhibitions

Paris 2022

Hilton Canopy Paris Trocadero

Singapore 2022

The Parlour NFT Bar Singapore


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we proudly support:


TRUNKS UP is a dedicated branch of the Abraham Foundation, a certified 501(c)(3) organization lending help to preserve and protect the critically endangered Asian Elephant with particular focus on supporting the work of Lek Chailert, founder of Elephant Nature Park and Save Elephant Foundation. Trunks Up works to enable the thousands of captive Asian Elephants to live lives free from abuse and deprivation and enable the wild Asian Elephant population to thrive.

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Global Sanctuary for Elephants exists to create vast, safe spaces for captive elephants, where they are able to heal physically and emotionally.  There are elephants around the world in need of sanctuary, but too few exist to be able to care for even a fraction of the elephants.  International support is necessary to build sanctuaries for elephants in need of rescue and rehabilitation.  


Wildlife SOS leads efforts to protect the wild elephant population in India. They rescue, treat and care for elephants exploited in the abusive tourism and “begging elephant” industries. They work to end the plight of injured and sick elephants that are forced to work in unnatural conditions. Their aim is to reach out and help the elephants that are blind, elderly, wounded, malnourished and dehydrated or those being used illegally and commercially under deprived conditions.

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Over and Above Africa’s team shares a mutual vision that many of the challenges these animals face can be alleviated when we engage with, and support, the local communities that are impacted by the wildlife. Educational programs, Women lead initiatives, anti-poaching measures, clean water systems, animal rehabilitation, tree and crop planting, animal relocations, medication, surgeries, pangolin & rhino monitoring and ranger support are just a few of the ways in which they act.

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